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City Model of Jerusalem

​​Contemporary model of Jerusalem, used for architectural planning and decision making.

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1/1/1970 2:00 AM

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While the Jerusalem model is primarily intended as a working tool in architectural and planning projects, other uses have become increasingly apparent. These include education, illustrating and explaining planning problems for children, and so creating a better informed public, and an effective visual aid for students of architecture and urban planning. The model has also become a focal point for visitors, including conservation groups.

Working with the Model

Jerusalem requires a special approach to solving the problems of its physical growth and preservation. The city model, together with its auxiliary equipment, fulfill these needs of concerns of both growth and preservation. It is a working tool for architects and planners, and an aid for all concerned in the decision making process. The model is designed to provide maximum flexibility in use, including the possibilities for continuous updating, changes and additions. Architects and planners can use the model as a working tool through the various stages of a project, from conception to completion. In this way, all those concerned can be visually aware of the interaction between the project and the surrounding areas. It provides a quality comparison of building heights, space relationships and neighborhood texture and character.

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