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Parking in Jerusalem

Basic information about parking on the streets of Jerusalem, the rules, laws and fees.

Public Transport:

For information on bus lines, taxis and the light rail – call *8787

There are 3 "Park & Go" parking lots for users of the light rail: Ammunition Hill, Pisgat Ze'ev and Mount Herzl - free of charge


Parking on the main streets of the city is for a fee. The hourly fee is NIS 5.70. Payment may be made using the means bellow.

It is important to use one of these methods and make sure you don't get a parking ticket.

To read about the parking laws click here

Please note,  there are traffic inspectors who give parking tickets and place the ticket on the front window of the car. These tickets are given when no payment has been made by a driver parked in a fee charging parking area or when parked somewhere which is not a legitimate parking area.


Means of payment. Parking fee

Paid parking (for the entire population)

On the streets where there are parking arrangements, parking is permitted using one of the payment methods listed below on Sunday through Thursday, from 8:00 to 18:00/19:00/20:00  (depending on the area) and on Fridays and holiday eves from 8:00 to 13:00.
In places
where there is a traffic sign that permits parking for vehicles with a suitable tag for the area (from 18:00 until 8:00 the next day), parking is allowed only for the specific vehicle.

Parking fee

1. 1. The parking rate in regulated parking areas in Jerusalem (as of 1/1/2014) is NIS 5.70 per hour.
2. The daily parking rate (as of 1/1/2014) is NIS 17.10 per hour In the following parking lots: The First Station
parking lot, the Ta'asiya parking lot in Talpiot, Liberty Bell Park parking lot.
3. Holders of a Jerusalem resident card with an Easy-Park device or who pay using a cellular device will be given a 20% discount for parking time.
For more information on the Yerushalmi card call 1-700-53-00-02 or click here

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Easy Park

Easy Park  allows a company or organization to centralize billing for all vehicles of the organization. The charge is intended to completely eliminate the need for cash-based payments, reimbursement of parking expenses, and handling of receipts. All company charges for parking fees are concentrated in one account.

For Easy Park website click here

Easy Park telephone: *3279

For the Easy Park sales and loading locations in Jerusalem click here 

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​Pango Is an efficient mobile parking system that allows you to pay when parked near a blue and white sidewalk nationwide either by calling Pango, dial 4500 *. or with the Pango app. Sign up here. There are no subscription fees and no obligations.

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Cellopark is an efficient cellular parking system that allows you to pay for parking using your mobile phone nationwide with an app or by dialing * 9070.

Sign up here . There are no subscription fees and no obligations.

Dear Tourists,

Cellopark will allow a temporary solution for tourists to register with an international phone number through the service center at telephone: 03-7187711 . The tourist will receive a fictitious phone number in order to be able to access the Cellpark app  with an "Israeli phone number". This solution will allow the tourist to enter the app and activate it.
This is a fictitious phone number, no messages or phone calls can be made with it.

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Parking Lots in Jerusalem

Central parking lots throughout the city:

  • Safra Square parking lot - Shivtei Yisrael Street
  • Karta parking lot - Yitzhak Kariv Street
  • Damascus Gate parking lot - at the entrance to the Damascus Gate
  • Mount Herzl parking lot - free of charge
  • Ammunition Hill parking lot - free of charge
  • Ein Karem parking lot - in Ein Karem neighborhood, free of charge
  • Mall Market parking lot - Agripas Street, Mahane Yehuda Market

For the full list of parking lots click here

Payment for the parking lot varies according to the operator

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Colours on side walks - Rules and Laws

​Parking on the streets in Jerusalem - rules and laws. Most  of the rules stand for parking throughout the country.

Red and white painted kerbs

signify that parking is illegal.

Blue and white kerbs

signifies legal, paid parking.

Yellow signs next to blue and white kerbs

state at what hours one must pay for parking, when it is free, and the maximum number of hours allowed.

Gray kerbs

with no signs indicating that parking is forbidden or that payment is required, signify that parking is free.

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Yerushalmi card parking discount

​Yerushalmi card owners get a 20% discount per parking hour                    

​Yerushalmi card (Jerusalem resident's card) holders, owning Easy Park or using Pango, will receive a 20% discount per parking hour.

For more information on the Yerushalmi card call 1-700-53-00-02 or click here

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