All information about municipal companies and corporations - Jerusalem Municipality

Companies and Corporations

​Companies and corporations funded of partialy funded by the Municipality

Companies and Corporations
Company NamePhone
Moriah 02-6297613

The Jerusalem Development Authority

(a government corporation)


The Gihon 02-5651111
Eden - the development company 02-6297966
The Jerusalem Center (a government corporation) 02-6297922

Ariel Municipal Society for Culture, Society,

Education, Welfare, Sport and the Arts


The Association for Urban Planning,

Development and Preservation (AR)


Development of East Jerusalem Ltd. 02-6254403-4

Prazot - Government company

Urban Housing for Jerusalem Ltd.


The Jerusalem Theater for Performing Arts 02-5605757
The Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem 02-6265333
The Biblical Zoo 02-6750111

Congress Center

International Jerusalem Binyanei HaUma Ltd.


The Municipal High School Association Kol Israel

Members of the Rene Kasan School (AR)


Hora Jerusalem A municipal association

for dance and singing


The Jerusalem Association for Drug Abuse (AR)

02- 6232713